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Why I love Shetland...

I have lived in Shetland all of my life and I absolutely love it! From the breath-taking scenery to the friendly faces there is a lot to love about living on this Island.


For me, one of the best things about Shetland is has got to be being by the sea. No matter where you go you are never far from the sea. Whether its a calm peaceful day with sparkling turquoise water or a stromy day with crashing waves, there is something so tranquil and therapeutic about a long walk by the ocean.

Things to do in Shetland

Bressay & Noss


A visit to Bressay is a must when visiting Shetland. There are some beautiful walks and if you are staying in Lerwick it is a very quick way to escape to the countryside. Just a five minute ferry trip will lead you to the beautiful island of Bressay. I would really recommend a visit to Noss too. A further 2 minute boat trip from Bressay will lead you to Noss where you will be blown away by the most breath taking scenery and wildlife. You will have the chance to get up close and personal to puffins and watch gannets diving at top speed! 


St Ninian's Isle


The St Ninian's beach is a large sandy tombolo with sea at either side which leads to St Ninian's Isle. The beach is absolutely stunning and definitely a must if you are in the south end of Shetland.


If beaches are your thing then a trip to Spiggie beach could be done on the same day too as is close by and also a lovely beach to walk along. 



Eshaness Cliffs & Zoar


The Eshaness Cliffs & Zoar are located on the North Mainland of Shetland. Both spots have the most amazing scenery and are brilliant places to explore. The cliffs are absolutely spectacular and a great spot to get some brilliant photographs which show the beauty of Shetland. 


Eshaness and Zoar are certainly worth a visit when in Shetland and are both suitable for quick visits or long adventures depending how much time you have!


Da Gairdins - Sand


'Da Gairdins' are situated in Sand on the west side of Shetland. Consisting of a large woodland area and beautiful large garden - there is lots of areas to explore! The perfect place to go for a walk and a picnic. 

If you would like to explore more woodland areas on the west side while you are there a trip to Michael's Wood in Aith is definitely worth a visit!



Exploring Lerwick


You don't have to go on long drives to find exciting places to explore in Shetland! Lerwick has some beautiful walks and lots to see.

Take a walk along commercial street and browse in all the lovely shops or walk along the Lodberries and visit the famous home of Jimmy Perez from the 'Shetland' series. You can also take some lovely coastal walks around The Knab and The Sletts. 

As well as walks there are also some brilliant restaurants in Lerwick where you can enjoy local seafood and cuisine from such as The Dowry, No.88 and Fjara.


Cake Fridges


One of my favourite things in Shetland has got to be the cake fridges! All around Shetland you will find the most amazing selection of home bakes inside honesty cake fridges! 

There are a number of quirky little cake fridges around which sell delicious tiffin, cupcake, scones and bannocks. 

The Original Cake Fridge & Tea Room in the photograph has an honesty fridge which is open 24/7 so you can grab a treat at any time of the day! The tea room is certainly worth going to as well with the most gorgeous vintage interior and a lovely garden to sit out in if its a sunny day!

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